This is perhaps the finest creation yet from master inventor Reiner Knizia augmented by breathtaking art from Tolkien artist John Howe. It's a cooperative game played on 5 different boards. Instead of trying to defeat other players, you collectively aim to beat the evil lord Sauron, who advances ever nearer every time you make an error or the fates give him the upper hand. Difficulty level 7/10. The game has been an international best seller in 16 languages with combined sales of over 800,000 copies. It won the 2000 Spiel des Jahr first prize for Special Literature game.

The classic bestselling Lord of the Rings game-over 1 million copies sold-and now reissued in a more compact edition.

Lord of the Rings, New Edition
Game by Reiner Knizia
For 2-5 players from 12 yrs.
Featuring the art of
John Howe.

Price: £24.99 plus P&P

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